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Changelog 📜Changelog #2 - Skyblock Preview


Oct 20, 2018
Hey there, Vale community!
Some new features and updates have been incorporated into the server, along with the workings of one of our servers - Aero!

Chat Merge
- All in-game chat channels have now all merged into 1 channel. Everyone in game will still have their server prefix, so you know where they are!

- Sleeping! - Sleeping has been adjusted in Choco to allow night to pass when 50% or more of the players are asleep, rather than 100%
- Mystery Boxes! - They FINALLY have a purpose! When you get a mystery box in Choco, make your way to spawn and open it up at the vaults! (they do expire!!)
Weather Voting! - You can type /wv sun or (for some reason if you wanted to) /wv rain to cast a vote to change the weather!

Main (Towny)
- Towny's auto-rollback function has been disabled due to issues with crashes.
- Tags - Tags are currently being worked on and should become available in the near future.

A few staff changes have been made, and I would like to formally address what those are:
- Chemicalss - Congratulations on the promotion to Moderator!
- CrAzYgUy247 - Congratulations on the promotion to Moderator!
- Tazboi - Unfortunately, due to schedule issues and lack of dedication, Tazboi has been demoted from Plugins Admin to Super Moderator.

Finally, skyblock
is coming back to Vale! We've been working to get everything set up and ready to work with 1.13, and we're almost done!


Some features that will be coming along with skyblock include:
- Brand new Spawn - made by Waffle_Raws
- McMMO and Jobs!
- Nether AND End Islands!
- Bigger island borders!
- SUPER customizable island settings!
- Island warps!
- Island Biomes!
- Island Challenges!
- Many different ranks!
- Mob stacking!
- Player shops & auctions!
- TokenEnchant!
- Ore Generators!
- Vote parties!
- Chat Reactions!
- Crates!
Do note that Aero is still a work in progress, so if anything major is changed, look for it in the next changelog!

That's all for now!
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Sep 9, 2014
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Firmly, do I believe the above new content couldn't have gone any better like the last changelog! 😄Particularly to everyone who helped in achieving our current progress, I thank you all for being there and to have simply put in the work for that butterfly effect. As always, let us simply look forward to the entirety of Vale's success and enjoy our days together :D 👍😆😅🙂

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