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Changelog 📜 Vale's Changelog #1


Dec 15, 2013
Welcome to Vale's first weekly Recap, where we discuss changes we've done for this week and chat about Vale's current state.

Let's get to it!

Welcome to Vale!
It's now been over three weeks since we've re-branded to Vale, and soon, The Vale Network. The point of this re-brand was to do a new and better version of a Minecraft community and learn from mistakes we've done over the past 7 years. Some of my main goals are to be more organized, have more mature, friendlier, and active staff, and to have better quality servers.

(I promise our other Changelogs won't be this long!)

❓❗ Vale Rebrand: What's new?

  • Plugins: Less is More
    Instead of having over 110+ plugins on our Towny server, where some of them weren't even being used or setup properly, we're limiting our plugin count to 70, and making sure each plugin is fully customized. We're now at 60 plugins, and we're not planning on going any higher.

    This is going to be our rule for our other upcoming servers too.

  • ⭐ Better Staff
    Thanks to all of the players that responded to my questions on Discord, whom 80% said we need better staff! I totally agree with you. so here's what we'll do to improve:
    • Age requirement set to 15 & longer trials.
    • Better Staff Wikis
    • Punishment "table" for punishment types and lengths.
    • More laid back, helpful and friendlier moderating.
    • Active moderators
    • Active Admins (No more "behind the scenes" admins who never gets on)
    • Better staff tools
  • ⭐ Better Applications & Forum Organization
    Our re-brand also bought us a nice, clean, and dark themed forum. I figured, you're probably playing Minecraft after school or work, and probably don't want to read text on a white background when you want to relax. Or you're like me, and you want to make everything dark because you're so use to being on Discord.

    Besides the theme, here's what's some other neat changes:
    • Application everything!
      Almost every forum now has a custom form attached to it. Help, Ban Appeals, & Rank Wikis all have a form you can use, instead of just a title box and editor, making the forum more organized and easier to read.

    • Labels!
      I've tried to add labels to every forum, for better organization and sorting. So if I want to find out a list of only bugs and issues, i'd click on that issue on the help forum!

      Discuss forum is made for random topics, with over a dozen labels to choose from for your topic! Go crazy and post there. Let's see some forum games!

    • Wikis
      My #1 goal for this forum is to create dozens of helpful, informative guides for Vale. I'd like to eventually create a wiki post for everything we can cover on the servers. I'm starting with the basics, from server ranks, permissions to any other topic we can cover, such as every plugin on Vale.
      • Rank Wikis aren't done yet, but soon! We're 99% done with rank applications and just need to write the permissions wiki.
      • Specialist Rank role is to be good with plugins and to write wikis. If you'd like to show you're a pro at plugins, and want to earn this creative Towny rank, start writing a wiki for your favorite plugin on Vale! Anyone can make one.
That's it for "What's new" as far as the Vale rebrand goes, The actual Changelog is below. We'll keep this short and sweet and we'll try to make this a weekly post.

📜 The Changelog 📜

  • ⚡ Upgraded to "slightly" better hardware.
    We traded in 1TB Hard Drive for 460GB SSD, and slightly faster hardware, at a cheaper cost. We'll just have to be more careful with backups and space used.
    The upgrade should improve map loading times, view distances, and hopefully improves our performance overall.

  • 💹 Fixed Voting (again)
    Also switched to a better voting plugin where we can have voting parties and have a way to award top voters of the month. We'll put this in place soon!
  • 💥 WorldEdit Restrictions
    When you donate for Royal, get promoted to Architect, SuperMod, or VIP, you have to spend a total of 1 week using it in our Void world, which is only accessible to those ranks. In this world, you can practice world-edit and show us you know how to use it. After you build something with it, show an admin or super mod, and we'll give you access to global WE.

  • 💥 Crate Keys - Vote, Common, Uncommon, Rare, & Legendary
    • Vote keys are given out via every vote, while common, uncommon, and rare are given out by doing various tasks in-game. It'll take some time to implement all of this, but our goal is to not just have /buy only keys, but give out keys where you must complete some sort of quest or mission. The harder the quest is, the better the key is given out to you.
    • To do this system, we need to make sure everything is harder to get. Less tokens should be given out, the money we give out to players should be lowered, and we also need to do what we mentioned above, and that's creating fully customized features of our plugins.
  • 🔥 The Resource World
    The resource world is going to be where we implement XP boosts, special features such as mobs, better PVP, and quests.
    • Mob Arena has custom classes and improved loot drops. Eventually, we'll implement key drops, better classes and chest items. Thanks to Waffle_Raws for these custom changes!
    • Grief, Raid, and blow up TNT! Destroy this map as much as you can. If you see a build, grief it! If you see someone going for resources, fight them! If you're trying to go mining, blow your way down to level 12!
    • Only survival players may access this world.
  • 💥 McMMO v2 McMMO has been picked back up by it's original developer and now has an improved and new leveling system, ranks, and more.
  • 💥 Disabled Towny World & Spawn weather.. Build your towns in peace!
  • 💥 Mayors gain 32 Town Blocks per resident.
  • 💥 Towny Mayors now have /town claim auto, claim the town blocks around you until you run out of town blocks or money.
  • 💥 Added in Trading Cards! A cosmetic feature where you can collect from mob drops and trade cards. We'll eventually create custom & rare cards for you to collect!
  • 💥 /zh help for horse management. (Buy, claim, tame, etc)
  • 💥 Moderators now promote all survival applications.
  • 💥 Added an OreReplacer plugin to combat x-raying.
  • ✅ /divorce to fix all issues of offline divorces.
  • 💥 /nether & /ender for Nether & The Ender!
  • 😦 Sadly the map for Choco was corrupted and we were forced to reset the map!
    • I moved over Towny's kits to help build back up a bit easier.
  • 💥 Added super jump as a vote perk!
  • 🍰 Added Cupcake, Pumpkin, Caramel, & Swiss supporter ranks, which have extra cosmetic packs such as pets and higher super jump velocity.

Upcoming Updates
What's planned.​

  • 😮 Rank Wikis
    You can check on our progress via Wiki
  • 😯 SkyBlock Server
  • 😯 Additional Towny Server Features such as weather votes, disguises, and more.
  • 😯 Improved Logo I made our "V" logo after looking at some examples of other MC logos. It was quick and something to hold us over until we could afford a better logo. I went ahead and ordered one from an actual logo artist yesterday and in about two weeks, we'll have a new logo for the Vale Network Brand!

The Admin Team
Running an admin team has to be the hardest task while being a server owner. After 7 years, I've learned a lot at running one and I'm finally going to put everything I've learned over those years into Vale.

With that being said, I'm really happy with this team I've built and I hope you guys will like them too.




Plugins & Features

Works alongside with Dillfro, and fixes problems & adds in new features to our servers.​


Plugins & Features

Works alongside with TazBoi, and fixes problems & adds in new features to our servers.​


Server & Hardware

Make sure our servers are running and existing, and fixes the most complicated issues, as well as helps us with plugin development.​


Event & Build Competitions

VG handles community events on our Discord and on the Server, such as Anime Fridays and Build Competitions!​


Creative Features & Builds

Have you seen our Hub spawn, it's nice, yeah? Waffle is the god of building, and he's here to add a twist and fun style to all of our features.​

That's all!
Next week, we'll post another changelog with even more updates. Stay tuned!
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Sep 9, 2014
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
I believe the summary above couldn't summarize our new found success any better. There have been many improvements as listed, and I simply look forward upon to come for the entirety of Vale. :D 😄😃👍

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