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  1. Victor_st

    Admin Application:Silentassassin9

    Approved! Welcome to the team!
  2. Victor_st

    New 1.18 Updates

    Vale 1.18 Updates Hey guys, I know you haven't heard much from us recently, but we are currently working on some new stuff for the 1.18 server. As soon as plugin updates allow us, we will be opening a brand new server with the newly generated 1.18 terrain and hopefully a fixed economy. To fix...
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    Lord Rank app

  4. Victor_st

    Hacks/Exploits Kurbiis's Ban Report

    Username: Victor_st Player(s) banned: Kurbiis Reasons/Incident: Using XRay hacks to mine diamonds, ancient debris, and other valuables for money
  5. Victor_st

    Hacks/Exploits Explosivecoin's Ban Report

    To start this off firstly, while the rules did in fact change, there was NO change on the rule about the usage of hacks or exploits which is what previously caused the warning. If there were any changes to this specific rule, then this would be a completely different situation, but after a...
  6. Victor_st

    Hacks/Exploits Explosivecoin's Ban Report

    Username: Victor_st Player(s) banned: Explosivexoin Reasons/Incident: Player was caught using an auto clicker after being warned and kicked to turn them off previously
  7. Victor_st

    Heimeindringers Mod Application

    Unfortunately, after careful review, we've decided to deny this application. Feel free to message me if you'd like more information as to why this application has been denied and thank you for applying
  8. Victor_st

    Ban Appeal: kurbiis

    If you're ever caught hacking or doing anything against our rules again at any time, it will be an instantaneous ban. You say that you didn't use them to gain an advantage over other players, however, the first time you were caught and warned a few days ago, you were flying right in front of...
  9. Victor_st

    Hacks/Exploits Kurbiis's Ban Report

    Username: Victor_st Player(s) banned: Kurbiis Reasons/Incident: Used fly hacks twice even after being warned to remove them once by an admin. Length: 2 weeks
  10. Victor_st


    If I'm being honest, this application sounds more like you're saying you don't regret doing what you did and would do it all over again given the opportunity and are more worried about you being raided. Duping items especially on the type of server Vale Earth is, has huge effects and...
  11. Victor_st

    Hacks/Exploits Silentassassin9's Ban Report

    Username: Victor_st Player(s) banned: Silentassassin9 Reasons/Incident: Duped tons of iron, coal, xp bottles, and other valuable items and sold much of it to shops. Due to this not being the first instance of duping by this player, the ban will be 2 weeks long with the option to appeal it...
  12. Victor_st

    Adding Night Vale to the Egyptian Empire

    Town is actually further south in Namibia, and due to another town being in the same country, it has been resized.
  13. Victor_st

    How to Post

    Seeing as you had no territories in Libya and South Sudan, those have been removed from the map. Also in the future, you can post a new thread instead of replying to this one.
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    How to Post

    Updating the Map If you've created, expanded, or taken over an area, you can update the official map of the earth here. To do this, first, download the .txt file found in the #earth-map channel in the Vale discord. Then, go to this website and follow the instructions to upload the .txt file...
  15. Victor_st

    Vale Earth

    Ready for something completely new that Vale has never done before? Come play on our new Earth server! What is Vale Earth? Vale Earth is a new server with features that we have never had before on Vale. Playing on a 1:2000 scaled map of the earth, work with your friends to create the biggest...
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    BlahBlah375 Baron App

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    Silent King App

    Approved, congrats on being the first one to be approved for King!
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    Silent King App

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    Lord Skylar Lord App

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    Lord Skylar Lord App