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  1. Victor_st

    New 1.18 Updates

    Vale 1.18 Updates Hey guys, I know you haven't heard much from us recently, but we are currently working on some new stuff for the 1.18 server. As soon as plugin updates allow us, we will be opening a brand new server with the newly generated 1.18 terrain and hopefully a fixed economy. To fix...
  2. Victor_st

    Hacks/Exploits Kurbiis's Ban Report

    Username: Victor_st Player(s) banned: Kurbiis Reasons/Incident: Using XRay hacks to mine diamonds, ancient debris, and other valuables for money
  3. Victor_st

    Hacks/Exploits Explosivecoin's Ban Report

    Username: Victor_st Player(s) banned: Explosivexoin Reasons/Incident: Player was caught using an auto clicker after being warned and kicked to turn them off previously
  4. Victor_st

    Hacks/Exploits Kurbiis's Ban Report

    Username: Victor_st Player(s) banned: Kurbiis Reasons/Incident: Used fly hacks twice even after being warned to remove them once by an admin. Length: 2 weeks
  5. Victor_st

    Hacks/Exploits Silentassassin9's Ban Report

    Username: Victor_st Player(s) banned: Silentassassin9 Reasons/Incident: Duped tons of iron, coal, xp bottles, and other valuable items and sold much of it to shops. Due to this not being the first instance of duping by this player, the ban will be 2 weeks long with the option to appeal it...
  6. Victor_st

    How to Post

    Updating the Map If you've created, expanded, or taken over an area, you can update the official map of the earth here. To do this, first, download the .txt file found in the #earth-map channel in the Vale discord. Then, go to this website and follow the instructions to upload the .txt file...
  7. Victor_st

    Vale Earth

    Ready for something completely new that Vale has never done before? Come play on our new Earth server! What is Vale Earth? Vale Earth is a new server with features that we have never had before on Vale. Playing on a 1:2000 scaled map of the earth, work with your friends to create the biggest...
  8. Victor_st

    Builder Test

  9. Victor_st

    Toxicity zivha's Ban Report

    Username: Victor_st Player(s) banned: zivha Reasons/Incident: They said bad words and were rude to people :( Affected Player(s) Global
  10. Victor_st

    Creative Server Applications

    How to rank up on the Creative Server? Now that the Creative server is fully opened for everyone, you're probably wondering how to rank up and receive cool perks! Read along to find out the requirements for each rank and once they're met, apply here! Requirements for each rank: Put what...
  11. Victor_st

    Toxicity BobManBruh's Ban Report

    Username: Victor_st Player(s) banned: BobManBruh Reasons/Incident: Being rude to other players and not following rules Affected Player(s) TechnicalNitwit and others online
  12. Victor_st

    Grief Patatjeray's Ban Report

    Username: Victor_st Player(s) banned: Patatjeray Reasons/Incident: This player has been warned on multiple occasions not to grief other players, to be respectful towards others and staff, and to follow the rules, yet continues to break our rules. This last occasion they griefed a ton of SF...
  13. Victor_st

    Vale Monthly March 2021

    Vale Monthly March 2021 By Victor_st Welcome to the third Vale Monthly of the Year! We had a very productive month with many new additions and some big changes coming very soon, so keep an eye out for them on our discord and forums. Important Changes and Additions Elitemobs Dungeons...
  14. Victor_st

    Vale Monthly February 2021

    Vale Monthly February 2021 Welcome to the second Vale monthly of the year! This month was a great month where we fixed a lot of bugs and had some big changes all while having fun with events and hanging out with each other! Important Changes and Additions We had many important changes and...
  15. Victor_st

    Moderator Application Template

    Copy and paste this template below and answer all the questions to the best of you ability. Keep in mind that not everyone will get promoted or get promoted right away, so don't expect that filling this application out will guarantee you a spot on our staff team. What is your Minecraft...
  16. Victor_st

    Vale's Official Rules

    Vale's Official Rules By: Victor_st and kaypatts Thank you for joining Vale! Before you hop onto the server, there are a few things you should be aware of to keep the server happy and healthy! Here are the main rules to be followed on the server: No griefing other players build even if they...
  17. Victor_st

    Vale Monthly December 2020/January 2021

    Vale Monthly December 2020/January 2021 Welcome to the first Vale Monthly of 2021! Due to the forums unfortunately being corrupted as well as the server (more information on this can be seen here) both December and January will be combined into one post here. First lets start with what happened...
  18. Victor_st

    Concrete or Terracotta?

    So cofstein and I were having a little discussion which is a better block overall, personally I like concrete more even though it's a pain to make. What does everyone else like the most? *You should say concrete to prove me right
  19. Victor_st

    Town Name Ideas

    Does anyone have any good name ideas for my town? I'm terrible at coming up with town names and am currently set at Vicville lol. Best name will receive a reward from me Pic of the town: (The intention of it was as a 14th-15th century European city although I didn't spend too much time making...
  20. Victor_st

    Welcome to Vale, your favorite Minecraft server!

    Welcome to Vale's first official post of 2021! Unfortunately, 2020 didn't end without a bang. Due to failed backups, we were forced to reset everything after an attempted server upgrade. This hit us pretty hard, as we've lost years of files, maps, and forum data. However, it only motivated us...