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  1. kurbiis

    Mod Application: kurbiis

    What is your Minecraft username? kurbiis What age bracket are you in? 14 turning 15 next year :P What is your current rank on Vale? Nyx / Magister Have you been an active participant within the Vale Community for a minimum of two months? Yes I have been in the community since December 2020...
  2. kurbiis

    Lord Rank App

    No illegal operations going down here this is my home 👀
  3. kurbiis

    Lord Rank App

    Hi this is my application for Lord also my house ;)
  4. kurbiis

    Ban Appeal: kurbiis

    Username: kurbiis In-game name kurbiis Ban Report Link : Why were you banned? Fly Hacks Why should we unban you? I am Deeply sorry for what I have done , I wasn't trying to be malicious by using the fly hacks and was not using them to gain an...