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  1. mhia

    😴 Archived Testing new prefix style. Thoughts?

    What do you think? Should we keep it, or go back to the original style?
  2. mhia

    CatGamer442 is the new mayor of Eden!

    I'm way to busy trying to improve Vale to interact with any Eden residents, and it deserves so much better. I gave CatGamer442 the key to the Town. Wish him luck! The town now has 50 residents and is becoming larger every day! :)
  3. mhia

    Vale Changelog (#1) - What a month!

    This has been such an exciting past month! We opened on July 11th, and honestly, I didn't know if our new server was going to work or not. I expected everything to break and a week later, give up on trying to run a server. But that didn't happen, and you guys seem to of love what we're doing...
  4. mhia

    😴 Archived How can we improve /shop? Post-economy Reset. | Craft

    User name: mhia Thread Title How can we improve /shop? Post-economy Reset. Server Craft Explain Hello Valerian's, Today, after feeling like the /shop was in a decent state, we decided to reset the economy. The biggest reason for this reset was so everyone who's joined the server over...
  5. mhia

    Supporter FAQs Update (Vale Post-Release)

    Hello Supporters! If you were a supporter in the past and you just joined the server, you may have noticed you do not have your rank anymore. That's because Vale has been rebooted, and we've went through a lot of core changes on how the server works. For the Towny server, it's no longer an OP...
  6. mhia

    😴 Archived How can we improve crates? | Craft

    User name: mhia Thread Title How can we improve crates? Server Craft Explain Hello Valerians! I'm about to post our first changelog that describes all of the changes in the past two weeks, however before I do, i'd like some input on our Crates and see if we can improve them...
  7. mhia

    Quick Build Tip Dyeing Leather Cheatsheet

  8. mhia

    Guide The perfect shaders & Resource pack combination. (And how to install shaders)

    If your computer can handle it. Sildurs Shaders + Faithful Resource Pack Downloads: Find the correct version for your Minecraft client. Click the mirror link to Download. Once downloaded, click the jar file. Install. You should now have Optifine installed...
  9. mhia

    Welcome to Vale (v2)!

    Phew, it's been a while, hasn't it? What happened?!?! Back in May, I closed down Vale, as I didn't see any sort of growth, and it wasn't meeting my own expectations. While renaming our community helped progressed us a little, we needed more then just a new face on an old server. I had to make...
  10. mhia

    Minecraft Farm Tier List (Creepers to Melons)

    Ever wanted to know what the best farms to build in Minecraft? Well, here's a great video showcasing a tier list of every possible farm.
  11. mhia

    Quick Build Tip Neat detail with stairs in water.

    Like a half-block pattern for pathways. Source.
  12. mhia

    Improving Aero, our SkyBlock server

    Explain It's been over a week now since we've released our new version of the Towny server, and the response has been great. Once we're done with fixing the major issues, I'd like to start working on a new version of our SkyBlock server, update it, and try to make it better. Here's some notes...
  13. mhia

    Let's Improve Mob Arena

    User name: minxi Thread Title Let's Improve Mob Arena Explain I'm looking for suggestions for our new Mob Arena game. Here's how to play. Find others to play with you! Go to resource world with /resource There's a sign. Right click it. You'll be sent to the MA arena. Choose one of the...