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  1. mhia

    former rank | Craft

    Done. Nice to see you back!
  2. mhia

    😭 Grief Griefed... AGAIN | All

    Do you still need this fixed?
  3. mhia

    Riding pigs kicks me | All

  4. mhia

    Supporter equivalent rank | Craft

    Got it. What prefix would you like to have?
  5. mhia

    😭 Grief Griefed... AGAIN | All

    I have a solution for these sort of issues. Give me a bit to figure it all out and your area will be protected :)
  6. mhia

    🧐 Feedback Testing new prefix style. Thoughts?

    What do you think? Should we keep it, or go back to the original style?
  7. mhia

    Unlimited xp glitch | All

    I believe this is fixed.
  8. mhia

    🧐 Feedback Shop Balancement | All

    Matt and I are considering making more market plots and getting rid of /shop entirely.
  9. mhia

    🤔 Question Towny wars - rules | Craft

    I'll let AntiProHD moderate over this.
  10. mhia

    CatGamer442 is the new mayor of Eden!

    I'm way to busy trying to improve Vale to interact with any Eden residents, and it deserves so much better. I gave CatGamer442 the key to the Town. Wish him luck! The town now has 50 residents and is becoming larger every day! :)
  11. mhia

    Unlimited xp glitch | All

    A fix is coming.
  12. mhia

    Vale Changelog (#1) - What a month!

    Oh yeah, of course. It'll be changed so it suits SB better.
  13. mhia

    Vale Changelog (#1) - What a month!

    This has been such an exciting past month! We opened on July 11th, and honestly, I didn't know if our new server was going to work or not. I expected everything to break and a week later, give up on trying to run a server. But that didn't happen, and you guys seem to of love what we're doing...
  14. mhia

    🧐 Feedback How can we improve /shop? Post-economy Reset. | Craft

    @Mattman096 is now an Admin and will be managing the /shop and economy, hopefully he'll be able to make it perfect!
  15. mhia

    Nicky, the Lively One

    Wow, nice introduction post. Welcome back, and I hope you enjoy the server :)
  16. mhia

    🧐 Feedback How can we improve /shop? Post-economy Reset. | Craft

    User name: mhia Thread Title How can we improve /shop? Post-economy Reset. Server Craft Explain Hello Valerian's, Today, after feeling like the /shop was in a decent state, we decided to reset the economy. The biggest reason for this reset was so everyone who's joined the server over...
  17. mhia

    😜 Suggestion Yeehaw | All

    We'll need a hostess.
  18. mhia

    PandaWarrior1029's Moderator Application

    Hey Acusa, I know you really wanted this and I'm sure you'd eventually be a good moderator, but I don't think it'll be a good idea to promote you right now. I haven't listed these requirements yet, but the age requirement for Moderator needs to be at-least 15, and if I was to promote anyone...