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    Creative Server Applications

  2. Orangeowie4

    Marquess Duke APP heh

  3. Orangeowie4

    Lord Lord App

    Here is my city in progress, and my "house"
  4. Orangeowie4

    💡 Feature Request Re-make rare crates!

    Rare crate keys are harder to get than arcane keys, and the crate sucks. I got a redstone box, but most people don't even use redstone. It doesn't have much in it either. 64 of each dye isn't really that great either, and then the arcane crate has way more things than the rare crate. Please just...
  5. Orangeowie4

    Gameplay Re-add temp fly

    Re-add the 1-8 hr fly vouchers pls
  6. Orangeowie4

    💡 Plugin Request ArtMap Plugin! PAINT ON A MAP

    mission failed, we'll get em next time
  7. Orangeowie4

    Lord app

    vouch! buy amazong too
  8. Orangeowie4

    Events The Great Vale War

    Over many months of greater conflict, the fighting has grown into a full blown war. The #BlameTato nation has finally decided to attack the #BlameVic tribe. Doing so, has caused the #BlameVic tribe to retaliate, causing chaos. It is up to you, to save Vale. Choose a side, and fight for victory...
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    😕 Help! {A#}

    this is still happening. they still do it after people tell them its against the rules. sorry for the small pic
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    Baron Baron app

  11. Orangeowie4


    yes i vouch
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    Orangeowie4’s application

    What is your Minecraft username? Orangeowie4 What age bracket are you in? 15 turning 16 in March What is your current rank on Vale? Merchant, no donor ranks. Have you been an active participant within the Vale Community for a minimum of two months? Yes. I’ve been here for a long time. I was...
  13. Orangeowie4

    💡 Feature Request ban/mute/warn/kick list

  14. Orangeowie4

    Gameplay yeeticus deleticus litexpansion (Slimefun addon)

    there's no litexpansion capacitors
  15. Orangeowie4

    Gameplay yeeticus deleticus litexpansion (Slimefun addon)

    Delete the Litexpansion addon. It's making power generation in Slimefun's Infinity expansion worse. For example, the power generated by a solar panel is cut in half. Take the Celestial panel, it only generates 416 jolts in the day compared to 833 jolts that we could have without litexpansion...
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    Earl RE

  17. Orangeowie4

    💡 Feature Request New Dimension

    sadly, we cant. its a mod so people would need to download it
  18. Orangeowie4

    💡 Feature Request Vote shop!

    We used to have a vote shop to buy things like keys. Arcane was 70 vote points, rare was 50, and common was 20. We could also buy other things. Please add this back. We already have vote points!