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  • If you notice someone breaking any of these please report them immediately to a staff member in-game, on the help forums, or our Discord if none are online at the time.

    No griefing:
    This is one of our primary rules and it involves deliberately destroying or placing blocks to damage someone else's build. You are allowed to build with friends as long as long as you have their permission to alter their build. Griefing will result in a temporary or permanent ban depending on the scale.
    • You are not allowed to grief "abandoned" structures.
    • You are not allowed to raid for materials.
    • You are not allowed to grief as a joke.
    • You are not allowed to grief in revenge.

    No spamming:
    Spamming will not be tolerated on the server and may result in being banned or muted.
    This is inclusive of:
    • Repeatedly saying the same thing.
    • Repeatedly using /me to talk instead of using normal chat.
    • Long unnecessary sentences of random/repeating letters.
    • Abuse of /afk.
    • Deliberately killing yourself or spamming /suicide.
    • Repeatedly spamming a command which sends a message to other players, e.g. /tpahere, /tpa.
    • Spamming in caps lock

    NO Drama:
    Arguing with players, or staff, debating on sensitive topics, expressing opinions that can cause arguments or insults, etc should only be discussed on the forums.

    If drama occurs within chat, staff will warn the player to keep all drama on the forums. We'll warn again as a second time, and after two warnings, and warned player doesn't seem to respect the rules, we'll permanently mute them.

    Swearing may only be used in moderation, this means that the odd curse word will be accepted however if it is frequently used or used in a manner to attack or abuse another player it won't be tolerated. Please be respectful of other people and try to not use in excess as we have younger players in our community.

    Other Languages:
    In global chat, speaking should be in English, as we are a primarily English speaking server, and to keep track of what is said without constantly checking a translator. However, we do allow other languages in private chat such as private messages, and a party chat, for those that have another language they speak in.

    No inappropriate builds:
    This includes:
    • Anything of phallic nature.
    • Offensive symbols.
    • Political propaganda ,racist, homophobic and sexual builds.
    • Items not appropriate for a PG player base.

    Be respectful towards both players and staff:
    Respect can go a long way. We expect you to show respect to all your fellow players. This means:
    • Do not insult other players.
    • Respect others' opinions - if you disagree, don't turn it into an argument. Get over it and walk away.
    • Do not bring outside problems onto CraftBlock. We will not accept these as excuses if you break a rule.
    • Be polite to the Mods. They have a very stressful job and they give up their time for free. Please do not harass them if you don't immediately get a response - they're often dealing with several things at once.
    • Try and be including and offer players help if they're stuck.

    • If a staff member is talking to you please respond, this is vital in solving issues.
    • Do not pester mods they're here to help moderate not run around for you.
    • Do not ask them to spawn you in items , they're not allowed to do so.
    • If you are having an issue with a staff member, or a decision they make, please use the forums to complain or do so on an anonymous complaint form , it will then be dealt with.
    • Do not beg for ranks or OP as you wont be given them.

    No advertising:
    Vale works hard to invite players via server websites and promotions. We do not like it when other people try to steal our players.
    Advertising is:
    • Giving out server IP addresses of similar servers to players on Vale, e.g. giving the IP to another survival building server.
    • Spamming chat with IP addresses.
    • PMing IPs to random players.
    • Mailing IPs to random players.
    • Repeatedly talking about similar servers so as to encourage others to try them.
    • Repeatedly talking about your own servers so as to encourage others to try them.
      This includes offering players OP/Mod/creative etc. if they join your server.
    • Inviting players to a realm or any other chat software in order to spread IPs there.
    Sharing IP addresses of the following types of servers is allowed for the purpose of playing with friends or arranging events:
    • Jail Break servers.
    • Other mini game-type servers.
    • Well-known servers that are not similar to CraftBlock, e.g. servers owned and spoken of by famous YouTubers.

    No trolling it just causes upset:
    • Do not trap people by building around them.
    • Do not throw potions at people to impair their ability to play in some way, e.g. blinding, poison, weakness, harming etc.
    • If a player asks to you leave their build, do it.
    • You may only troll a player if they're aware of it and it has been agreed and doesn't cause any damage.

    You are responsible for what happens on your own account:
    • This means that whatever happens on your account is your responsibility so you may not blame a sibling or other person to except you from breaking the rules.
    • Do not impersonate another player this includes staff in particular as it's deceiving and unfair on who you're impersonating.
    • No offensive skins or names are allowed and you'll be immediately asked to change them and if a name change isn't possible you'll be nicknamed to an appropriate name or your prior name.

    Exploits are considered any process, including, but not limited to: software and/or in-game structure, that may provide an advantage or alter the intended gameplay of Vale. If you discover an exploit please report it immediately, failure to do so will result in consequences.
    • No Hacked clients.
    • No Griefing clients.
    • No X-ray mods/texture packs.
    • No Item duplicating.
    • No afk-pools, or other mechanics that would keep the afk timer from triggering.
    • No afk-farms or other machines that work without player interaction
    Farming rules:

    Afk farming is not allowed.
    • If you are discovered to be AFK farming, your items will be collected and destroyed, and you will be issued a /warn warning on BanManager. Multiple infringements will result in further disciplinary actions per the staff member's discretion.
    Auto-farming: Allowed, with restrictions listed below.
    See listed restrictions,
    • Mob Farming: Limit of 10 mob spawners per farm type. 1 mob type per farm.
    • You may not have more than 1 farm of each type of Mob at your base. Ex. 1 Pig Farm, 1 Llama farm, 1 guardian farm, etc.
    • Having multiple farms in one area can cause lag. If a staff member deems it necessary, you may be asked to relocate or remove a portion of your farm to alleviate lag. If you are not able to do this immediately, then the staff member will be permitted to make changes in order to disable/relocate the source of the lag.
    • Crop/Flower farming: Crop farming is not to be limited by the restrictions stated above, with the exception being that, in the event of lag, staff will be permitted to make changes to stop the lag.
    Creative mode:
    If you are lucky enough to have earned creative mode permissions you must abide by the Contributor Code of Conduct, or CCOC, which can be found here: Craftblock's Contributor Code of Conduct

    The build competition world is equipped with creative and users shall only use creative to build within a plot in a nature adhering to the build competition theme.

    No 1 by 1 towers:
    To make sure the map is ruined as quickly 1 by 1 towers won't be tolerated , they only destroy the natural look of the world and ruin the landscape. If you do need to get up high you may always /vote to gain temporary fly and it helps give us publicity.

    No excessive amounts of entities:
    Hosting too many entities in one area is VERY BAD. Not only do clients in the vicinity slow to less than 5 FPS, it has the potential to cripple the server.

    Don't do this. Space out your animals. Don't put so many in an area. This includes animal grinders.

    Should we find someone doing this, they will be banned. Permanently.

    Do not backseat moderate:
    This includes:
    • interfering with a moderators job e.g tping to griefs when you cannot fix them.
    • ganging up on a player when a staff member is already handling the issue.
    • tping to a grief when a moderator is already dealing with it unless you were asked to be there.
    • pretending to be a staff member in chat.
    • making ban reports when you're not staff.
    Sensitive subjects:
    Please refrain from talking about highly offensive subjects as we have a large community varying in ages and backgrounds.
    This includes:
    • Topics involving drugs and alcohol.
    • Political discussions.
    • Homophobic, sexual or racist remarks.
    • Please try and keep chat to PG.
    • If chat is really offending someone please be respectful.

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  • Vale is a small but friendly community and one of the best Minecraft survival servers you could play on. We have various ranks, plugins, and events to elevate your gameplay, and to give you a unique but fun experience in Minecraft.
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