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Welcome to Vale - Survival & Towny Server!
Vale is a 1.16.3 Towny survival server with nearly limitless possibilities! As a player you can craft custom enchants, build amazing structures, and play survival with special items, tools, and more with no lag. Work together with your friends and build the best town, base, or building in the game, while becoming the richest player in a competitive economy.
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Finally I've finished my new map, and I think its pretty cool!
Please, do not use this map on a server without my permission, but otherwise in single-player you can build all over the map. its a small but pretty area, full of good views.

- How to Install -

• Download from link
• Add to .minecraft's saves folder
• Restart Minecraft & Launcher
• Your all good!

I hope you like the link, and if there is a bug make sure to send me a message!

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  1. New Version Soon

    In a few hours or tomorrow I'll be adding a new version that looks better.