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Better Crazy Enchant textures,

Better Crazy Enchant textures, 1.14.4 OPTIFINE NEEDED

No permission to download
this contains literally 2 things: 1 cool texture for CE, and 1 .properties file.
how to install: go in your Minecraft folder (%appdata%\roaming\whatever, u prolly heard of it) go into your resource pack folder, go into "optifine" if its not there, means idk how to help ya for that, go into "cit" if its not there, make it, no caps, then drop the file there, when you will go in game, you will see that all the CE textures have been changed, no more ugly quartz thing.

edit: updated the data pack, AGAIN (I am very new to coding, and I got told that Java isn't one of the easiest... pls don't blame me -.-)

pls do note that only the CE textures are included, and not the swords :p
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