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We're a Multiplayer Minecraft PC network which features survival, skyblock, vanilla, and creative servers, with various playstyles to choose from! Like building Towny towns? Sky islands? How about economy and slimefun? Best of all, Vale is a small and friendly community. Come join our survival minecraft servers now!
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Recent content by mhia

  1. mhia

    Random Artwork!

    Wow, this is impressive. Thank you for sharing. How long have you been creating art? What tools do you use? Do any digital?
  2. mhia

    🧐 Feedback Four months of "working on it". | All

    I guess the answer to your question is, "We're working on it.". But to explain this a bit more, it's been a bit slow as I been super busy with my new job and I've had almost no time to be able to personally work on anything. Unfortunately, I just had to choose this over the server, as I've...
  3. mhia

    😜 Suggestion Suggestions To Keep Vale Fresh! | All

    Thanks for the awesome feedback, i'll look over all of this, but I'll reply to the first one. The server has been doing pretty well without creative, and if we was to add creative back, then it'll be similar to the previous version of Vale, thus the rank reset (specially for supporters) would...
  4. mhia

    Supporter rank | Craft

    Sure, read this first, and respond when you do!
  5. mhia

    Donor rank from CraftBlock | All

    Hi Choccy, we're planning on bringing back the skyblock server soon, with your rank back. Do you mind waiting for this server? It'll take a few weeks.
  6. mhia

    😴 Archived Server Resource Pack | All

    We don't have an official one.
  7. mhia

    😴 Archived Plot disappearing still happens | All

    Hmm, does it still happen? Could've been because it needed a restart.
  8. mhia

    Unclaiming town slowly removes your builds | All

    I somehow missed turning this off. Thanks, should be fixed! Mayors should now only be able to do /plot clear.
  9. mhia

    former rank | Craft

    Done. Nice to see you back!
  10. mhia

    😴 Archived Griefed... AGAIN | All

    Do you still need this fixed?
  11. mhia

    Supporter equivalent rank | Craft

    Got it. What prefix would you like to have?
  12. mhia

    😴 Archived Griefed... AGAIN | All

    I have a solution for these sort of issues. Give me a bit to figure it all out and your area will be protected :)
  13. mhia

    😴 Archived Testing new prefix style. Thoughts?

    What do you think? Should we keep it, or go back to the original style?
  14. mhia

    Unlimited xp glitch | All

    I believe this is fixed.