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    🤔 Question Supporter rank | Craft

    Sure, read this first, and respond when you do!
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    😕 Help Donor rank from CraftBlock | All

    Hi Choccy, we're planning on bringing back the skyblock server soon, with your rank back. Do you mind waiting for this server? It'll take a few weeks.
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    😴 Archived Server Resource Pack | All

    We don't have an official one.
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    😴 Archived Plot disappearing still happens | All

    Hmm, does it still happen? Could've been because it needed a restart.
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    Unclaiming town slowly removes your builds | All

    I somehow missed turning this off. Thanks, should be fixed! Mayors should now only be able to do /plot clear.
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    former rank | Craft

    Done. Nice to see you back!
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    😴 Archived Griefed... AGAIN | All

    Do you still need this fixed?
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    Supporter equivalent rank | Craft

    Got it. What prefix would you like to have?
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    😴 Archived Griefed... AGAIN | All

    I have a solution for these sort of issues. Give me a bit to figure it all out and your area will be protected :)
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    😴 Archived Testing new prefix style. Thoughts?

    What do you think? Should we keep it, or go back to the original style?
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    Unlimited xp glitch | All

    I believe this is fixed.
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    😴 Archived Shop Balancement | All

    Matt and I are considering making more market plots and getting rid of /shop entirely.
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    😴 Archived Towny wars - rules | Craft

    I'll let AntiProHD moderate over this.