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Vale Network is a Minecraft community which brings you a customized experience with many features such as McMMO, Jobs, Custom Enchants, and Player Shops. With a rich player controlled economy with no admin shops and many more features including fun events, Vale provides for an experience unlike no other.

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Best in-class RPG system with skillboards. Grind hard to gain an edge over other players.
Build on your own or with friends and protect your builds with GriefPrevention.
Player Economy
Sell your items in shops or our auction house. With no admin shops, players run the economy and decide the prices.
Join some of our custom jobs for a steady income and unlock unique perks by ranking up.
Fun and custom built crates that you can earn via gameplay or events; no payments are required.
Custom Enchants
Enchant your tools and weapons with powerful custom enchants.

News & Updates

How to use the GriefProtection plugin
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Grief Prevention is a plugin for Minecraft 1.16 that allows a player to create a land claim of their own to protect their belongings and anything they should build within the claim.

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How to claim?

New players get automatic claims around the first chests they place, so even if you’re not familiar with Grief Prevention yet, you are still being protected under the plugin. When a player is building outside of his claim, a warning will appear in-chat to notify the player that they’re unprotected, and...
Vale Monthly December 2020/January 2021
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Vale Monthly December 2020/January 2021​

Welcome to the first Vale Monthly of 2021! Due to the forums unfortunately being corrupted as well as the server (more information on this can be seen here) both December and January will be combined into one post here.

First lets start with what happened in December, which was a lot!

Welcome to Vale, your favorite Minecraft server!
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Welcome to Vale's first official post of 2021!

Unfortunately, 2020 didn't end without a bang. Due to failed backups, we were forced to reset everything after an attempted server upgrade. This hit us pretty hard, as we've lost years of files, maps, and forum data.

However, it only motivated us to work harder. Three weeks later, the admins have been able to restore our survival server to almost how it was before, and with some interesting changes & improvements. Vale will be better than ever, and we hope you can join us on the ride.

Read more to find out what's new!