Welcome to Vale - Survival & Towny Server!
Vale is a 1.16.3 Towny survival server with nearly limitless possibilities! As a player you can craft custom enchants, build amazing structures, and play survival with special items, tools, and more with no lag. Work together with your friends and build the best town, base, or building in the game, while becoming the richest player in a competitive economy.
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#BlameTato vs #BlameVic PvP Event
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The time has come to choose your side in this PvP event! Obviously #BlameTato is the right side, but we have many enemies so make sure you join before it's too late!

When it will take place and how to join:

The first fight will take place starting in about 1 week depending on how quickly everything can get set up. To join, let either Victor_st or Potatolishuss know you're interested and what...
Vale Monthly: October 2020
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By Victor_st

Welcome to Vale Monthly’s October 2020 Edition! A lot of exciting stuff has happened this past month from the creative server ranks and build competitions, to all the Among Us games we’ve had and more.

Forums are Back Up

Sorry for the long delay, but forums are back up and in use! Due to many issues, there was a delay in getting them back up. Because of how clean and easy...
Spooky Halloween Event! (Now Closed)
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The spooky season is around the corner! We'll be having a Halloween themed build contest on the creative server with prizes for everyone. You may build whatever you'd like and as big or small as you want as long as it's related to the spooky season.

To enter this contest, take some nice screen screenshots of your creation and post them on our forums here. If for whatever reason you can't do...
Changelog Hello!
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Welcome to Vale's official first post of 2020! A lot has changed, and the forums have been down for a while. Instead of writing a long post of what's new, we'll gradually post about new features and what's going on in the community.

For now, enjoy a quick post of some important changes.

New Owner
Looking for PandaCraft? Well, you're in the right spot.
MissRedPanda is now Vale's owner! She's...